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Embracing Change: Your Opportunity to Blossom and Grow with Positivity

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

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I recently wrote about how I’m anti-resolutions. (I’m learning I’m anti- many popular things…) but at that time hadn’t found my word of the year yet. Within a couple of days, it was presented to me enough times that I could no longer ignore it, and so my word of 2022 became change.

Believe me, I know. We can collectively cringe together. But here’s the thing: Change is inevitable. Literally the only thing you can always count on is that things will change. It's high time we accept that so we can start embracing change instead of running of it!

This word will serve me well this year, I already know. There are changes that I don’t cringe at, that I’m seeking out for myself. Improvements, tweaks, leveling up of habits, skills, and beliefs. But those unexpected or unwanted changes… the ones you try so hard to fight against despite knowing that eventually you will have to throw in the towel. Those are the changes that can mold a person. I decided that instead of a gag reflex and running to hide, I would look my changes square in the eye. I will find a silver lining. I will look at these situations that will arise as “how can I use this to better myself” and “how can I take this and turn it into something beneficial for myself and others.” I will adapt and grow and flourish not in spite of the changes forces upon me, but because of them.

So how can you handle an unexpected or unwanted change?

  1. Take a breather. Step away and take a quick walk. Do some measured breaths or affirmations if that's your thing. Do something that will put peace into your mind, steady your heart, slow your breath, and allow you to be more clear headed.

  2. Recognize that this is real life. Things happen that are outside of your control. Instead of wallowing in that, focus on the top 3 things that are in your control. Your mindset. The action you will take. How you let this event effect your perspective and mood.

  3. Set aside the negative responses you will want to make. It's not forever - it's still important to take time sometimes to vent to a listening ear, distract yourself for a bit, or even just scream into a pillow when you're alone in your bedroom to release that energy. But instead of giving that energy the priority, let it know that it will get it's time to shine when it won't be most detrimental.

  4. Find the silver lining. Sometimes this might feel hard, or even impossible. But believe me when I say it isn't. What will this teach you? What can you learn from it? How can you apply that to other things? How can you turn this into something useful? How can you use what you're going through or learning to help others?

Use these tips to make your change a chance to grow. How can you apply these to things happening in your life? I'd love to hear how your intentional refocus on how you handle change will impact your life, so please come back and share!



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