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Meet the Team

Just kidding, it's only me! My name is Kayla, and I'm a social worker and mom to the most handsome and wild preschooler. He is my daily inspiration and motivation, comedic relief, and boundary tester while I serve as designer, creator/crafter, social media manager, finance management, etc. Such is the life of a small business owner! 

Novel Designs Co. is a Kentucky-based, female owned & operated small business where we bring together the joys of motherhood, the love for coffee, the enchantment of books, and the essence of love through our handmade crafted clothing, novelty items, and books to get lost in. We offer a range of products to inspire learning, create a culture of reading, and support acceptance and family bonding. 

Explore Our Custom Designs

Step into a world of creativity with our unique collection of custom-designed shirts that celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the magic of literature. From charming baby onesies to stylish shirts for adults, each piece is a wearable work of art. Dive into our curated selection of seasonal and holiday items that add a touch of joy to your celebrations.

Books That Speak Volumes 

Delve into a diverse literary world with our thoughtfully curated collection. We champion marginalized voices, featuring books that emphasize empathy, self-acceptance, and the richness of Appalachian culture. Explore banned books and support self-published authors as we strive to make literature more inclusive and accessible to all.

Discover Personalized Treasures

Make every moment special with our personalized items, including tumblers and mugs that carry messages close to your heart. Our custom bookmarks, keychains, and home decor pieces add a personal touch to your everyday life. Embrace individuality with Novel Designs Co. 

Literacy Chats and Mom Support

Join our vibrant community through our blog, where we engage in lively literacy chats, share insightful book reviews, and offer a supportive space for moms. Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for literature and motherhood. It's not just a shop; it's a community that celebrates the power of words and the journey of motherhood.

Support our Mission

Thank you for supporting our mission!

If you're a book lover and mom like me, I bet you care a lot about building a love for reading and culture of literacy in your home and with your child, too. Grab these free resources to help you do just that!

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