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Weird Postnatal Side Effects & A Hair Color Kit Review

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Most people chat a lot about the joys of feeling the baby move and how pregnant moms are glowing. Nobody tells you that you glow because it’s always 175 degrees in your personal bubble, those kicks turn into full blown karate before that kid comes out, and that lightning crotch is a real thing.

People also tend to forget about the things that can happen after delivery. For example, I had never heard that there are any issues with bowel movements after delivery - and it never even occurred to me on its own. I’d also never heard about postnatal hair loss, and this is apparently a side effect experienced by a huge portion of new moms! While I didn’t lose my hair, my poor hair just lost all of its life.

Photo of adult female wearing glasses with a messy bun
My typical mom bun

Within an hour of having my son, my hair was dead, dull, it hung lifeless with no shape, it was muddy, and it looked like I was on day 3 of no washing at all times. I got a salon cut once, and it felt a bit better. But then COVID happened and we were locked down. During that time, I decided to try to learn to cut my own hair. After watching a few YouTube videos, I went with the ponytail in the front and just snipped before I could back out. It wasn’t terrible for a first try. I also did an at home dye with a custom mixed dual tone close to what my natural color had been from Sally’s Beauty Supply. It didn’t work very well…

But then I heard of an at home delivery hair system that was supposed to be amazing, so I started looking into it. While I didn’t order from the original company I planned to, I did find another that looked promising called eSalon. I filled in my info: what my hair issues were, what I hoped to achieve, my natural hair texture and color, etc. I included a photo of my hair in its natural state and placed my order. Then I waited…

Kayla’s hair color kit with instructions personalized
It came with 2 bottles, but 1 was plenty for all my hair

My hair color kit was created specifically for me, even with my name printed on the instructions. The kit came with everything I needed start to finish to color my hair And made the process so easy. This time, since it was my third at home hair cut, I went a little bolder with a mix of the ponytail cut and some snipping tricks from another hair video I found on YouTube, then got to dyeing!

Y’all, when I say that this is the happiest I’ve been with my hair in probably the last 4 years, I’m not exaggerating. It’s better than the last full hair service I paid for at a salon, and that’s saying a lot for a novice like me to have it done it myself at a fraction of the salon cost. It’s perfect for busy moms on a budget that still want to look and feel good, because we all know that some good new hair makes everything feel a little more conquerable, am I right?!

Photo of author, woman with long hair
Good-bye grays, hello more rich, full color!

If you’d like to take the hair quiz and browse the products to see what your personalized kit might look like, you can check out eSalon online. Plus - the service is an autodelivery so even if you get busy and mom brain sets in, eSalon will have your back and keep your hair in check 😉


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