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5 Must-Try Reading Challenges for 2024

Happy New Year!

Y'all, how is it 2024?! I've seen a lot of people sharing their positive outlook and improvement goals for the new year - which is fairly typical, but it feels a little different this time. After the slump and downward spiral of the entire world being turned upside down, it feels like people are really looking to make 2024 the comeback to slough off all the negativity still remaining since 2019. It's a new year full of possibilities and opportunities, and that includes making reading a core habit for your daily life. Whether you're a seasoned bookworm or just getting into a new hobby with reading, making it a priority can sometimes feel daunting so I've put together five invigorating reading challenges designed to increase the ease and joy of making reading a daily habit.

1. Genre Exploration Challenge: Expand Your Reading Horizons

Dive into uncharted literary territories and step outside of your reading comfort zone! Choose a genre you've never explored before, whether it's historical fiction, science fiction, or magical realism. Challenge yourself to read a set number of books in this new genre throughout the year. You might discover a newfound love for a genre you never considered, broadening your reading palate. Choosing a new genre each month will not only add variety to your reading list but also introduce you to captivating stories and perspectives you may have never encountered before. Download our reading tracker with suggested genres for each month and a space to write in the book title and check it off when you've completed it!

2024 Genre Reading Challenge Monthly Calendar with each month having an identified book genre to read.

2. Diversity and Inclusion Challenge: Amplify Diverse Voices

This year, make a conscious effort to read books by authors from diverse backgrounds. Our Diversity and Inclusion Challenge encourages you to explore books written by authors of different ethnicities, cultures, and life experiences. Seek out stories that reflect the rich tapestry of human existence and gain valuable insights into perspectives different from your own. This challenge will help you embark on a literary journey that transcends boundaries.

  • African Narratives: Engage with literature that showcases the diversity of the African culture. Explore contemporary fiction, historical accounts, and compelling memoirs written by authors with roots across the vast African continent. Delve into stories that illuminate the complexity and beauty of African cultures and experiences.

  • Asian Perspectives: Celebrate the voices of Asian authors by immersing yourself in literature that captures the breadth and depth of Asian experiences. From novels set in vibrant cities to historical epics and poignant memoirs, let the richness of Asian perspectives add a new layer of understanding to your reading journey.

  • Latinx Literature: Indulge in the literary offerings from Latinx authors, exploring stories that reflect the vibrancy of Latin American cultures. Engage with narratives that delve into family dynamics, explore cultural nuances, and celebrate the multifaceted identities within the Latinx community.

  • Indigenous Insights: Acknowledge the wisdom and storytelling traditions of indigenous communities by exploring literature authored by indigenous writers. Whether it's contemporary fiction, folklore, or insightful non-fiction, immerse yourself in narratives that deepen your connection to the profound relationship between indigenous cultures and the natural world.

  • LGBTQIA+ Narratives: Dedicate time to reading books that celebrate the diverse identities, relationships, and experiences within the LGBTQIA+ community. Explore fiction, non-fiction, and poetry that contribute to a broader understanding of love, acceptance, and resilience, fostering a more inclusive literary landscape.

By actively participating in the Diversity and Inclusion Challenge and engaging with these diverse narratives, you not only broaden your literary horizons but also contribute to a more interconnected and empathetic world. Let the mosaic of voices guide your reading choices and enrich your understanding of the human experience. Happy reading!

3. Read Local Challenge: Support Authors from Your Region

Celebrate the literary talent close to home with our Read Local Challenge. Discover books written by authors from your region, whether they capture the essence of your hometown or delve into regional history. Engaging with works from local authors fosters a deeper sense of community. As you read stories that unfold against the backdrop of familiar landscapes, you'll find connections to the shared experiences, traditions, and nuances unique to your region. Every region has a rich tapestry of stories that by reading you help in the preservation of these narratives. Authors often draw inspiration from the landscapes, histories, and communities that surround them, offering readers a window into the distinctive character of your region.  Your engagement encourages a thriving local literary scene, providing authors with the recognition they deserve. Reading local not only broadens your literary horizons but also instills a sense of regional pride. As you encounter familiar places, traditions, and dialects within the pages of these books, you'll develop a heightened appreciation for the unique characteristics that define your community. Easy ways to delve into this challenge are to visit local libraries, bookstores, and literary events.

4. Book Club Challenge: Join the Literary Conversation

Become an active participant in the world of book clubs with our Monthly Book Club Challenge. Commit to joining or starting a book club where you can discuss a different book each month. Engaging in conversations about literature with others adds a social element to your reading journey and provides fresh perspectives on the books you read. Joining or forming a book club allows you the opportunity to find others with similar interests while still offering ways to expand your perspectives. Books are often written with a certain level of ambiguity, so discussing the same work can unveil layers of symbolism and themes. It's also helpful to have a group and a schedule to keep you accountable.

5. Audiobook Adventure Challenge: Embrace the Power of Listening

For those with a busy schedule, the Audiobook Adventure Challenge is the perfect solution. Explore the world of audiobooks and turn your commute, workout, or household chores into valuable reading time. Discover the joy of storytelling through your ears and make reading a seamless part of your daily routine. If you're a local library card holder, you can utilize Overdrive with the Libby App and the Hoopla app to access audiobooks for free from your local libraries. There are also a lot of different paid apps that often have more access to a larger number of titles, such as Audible.

Remember, these challenges are meant to enhance your reading experience, not create stress. Adapt them to your pace and preferences, try all 5 or pick your favorite, or maybe you have your own challenge in mind. Either way, the goal is to make reading a priority and create lasting memories around the written word. Are you ready to embrace the world of books in 2024? Happy reading!



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