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Roar into the world of reading with our adorable "Bookasaurus" kids shirt! Let your little one's imagination take flight as they join the ranks of the mighty Bookasaurus, a dino with a voracious appetite for books! With its playful design featuring a dinosaur clutching a stack of books, this shirt is the perfect companion for every young explorer embarking on literary adventures. Encourage a love for reading early on and watch as your child's imagination grows as big as a T-Rex! Get ready to unleash the roar of learning and fun with our delightful Bookasaurus shirt - it's dino-mite! 

Bookasaurus Shirt

Shirt Color
  • Cotton/Poly blend. Unisex fit. Consistent brands are preferred, but I do outsource some different equal quality brands as needed to fulfil orders timely. This may cause some slight color differences, but I strive to find as close a match as possible. Thank you for understanding!

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