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Using Crafts for Mindfulness & Well-Being in Our Children

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

What goes hand in hand with books better than crafting? Like books, craft projects can:

  • Improve literacy skills and communication

  • Offer opportunities to practice fine motor skills, critical thinking, and patience

  • Help with learn shapes, colors, etc

  • Promote creativity

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Boost self esteem, pride, and confidence

  • Bring people together and offer opportunities for more bonding

If you've been following along, you'll know how important these things are to me not only for my son, but for all children. The knowledge of practical skills, emotional skills, and

relationship building are so key in raising a stable and happy human. I primarily focus on books and how they offer these things and recently posted about how amazing it is to watch books bring people together, and they've done it again folks! A conversation initiated over Instagram about kids and books has turned into a collaboration that I am beyond excited about. I'd love to introduce you to heARTS & crafts with a quick interview I did with co-founders Michelle Kim and Jessica Power.

L&L: Tell me about yourselves.

M: My name is Michelle, one of the Co-founder. I have three amazing boys that keeps

me busy when they’re not in school. I’ve been on a journey to find myself again

after falling into depression and struggling daily with anxiety.

I create often mostly with paper and started my crafting and mental health

journey on instagram (and other social platforms) called @wu.nder_days. I’ve

found solace in crafting and find it vital for everyone to create in some shape or


J: I am a mom of 2 elementary aged kids who take up the better part of my

headspace and all of my heart. Mostly, I create. Whether it is with paint, wood or

design, it fills my soul with happiness.

It is a privilege to be on this journey with heARTS and crafts. Hopefully it will

open a path to give children a chance to tap into their minds and hearts and

awaken a creative avenue within, one little heART at a time.

L&L: Tell a little about hearts and crafts, where did you come up with the idea?

M: I have always found creating anything with your hands therapeutic and helped me

gain my self again after falling into depression and suffering from anxiety and

PTSD. My son struggled with his own mental health during COVID and the

beginning of this school year and saw how beneficial it was for him to create.

The idea originated on a car ride to meet Jessica on a playdate. I though it

would be beneficial to create craft kits to donate to other organizations that

promote healthy mental-wellbeing. This one thought lead to another and about a

few months later, we become an official 501(c) working with Ronald McDonald

House, The Boys and Girls Club, The Gathering Place, and other local


L&L: What exactly does hearts and crafts offer?

M: We offer little heARTS (craft kits) to local non-profits and organizations to hand

out to underserved children. These kits are SEL based and ties some sort of

mental wellness activity or exercise into them. We carefully handpick and create

everything from start to end. Every dollar donated will go back into these little


L&L: How do you hope to better your community through your organization?

M: We create an all inclusive community where we welcome everyone to volunteer.

Not only is our organization giving back to foster mental health but also provide a

safe place where families can come together and share/create memorable

moments doing something good.

L&L: What’s the coolest thing that you’ve witnessed / done through hearts and crafts so


M: Its been an amazing journey to see these little hands create. Our partners share

pictures and stories with us on a monthly basis when they receive our kits. A lot of

our activities are brand new to these children and you can see and feel the

excitement to try and create something new.

We’ve heard one particular story where a little boy took our mindful bottles and

thought it would be an amazing idea to use the bottles in a share circle, where

they take turns shaking their bottles and sharing a story. Its these stories that

inspire us to keep moving forward!

I am so excited to partner with heArts & crafts on a wonderful fundraiser, just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month. There is more than one way to get involved and help provide mindfulness activities that will be included in future little heARTS kits - you can sponsor a dollar amount or grab a few mindful books for your own home and get a 50% dollar match to go toward heARTS & crafts kits! You can learn more about heARTS & crafts, their nonprofit info, take a peek at the current craft kits they offer, see photos of happy recipients, and participate in the fundraiser by checking out the fundraiser website here.

Have your own organization or family in mind that you'd love to fundraise for? Visit Little Lantern Books' Fundraisers to check out the different options available and get in touch, or comment below!


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