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5 Tips to Transform Reluctant Readers into Passionate Page Turners

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

photo stream of books and people reading accompanied by the text "5 tips to transform reluctant readers into passionate page turners."

"My kids just don't like books."

"I can't get them to read at all!"

"Books just aren't our thing."

It's no lie when I say that hearing these things makes me sad. Partially for what they're missing out on, and partially because it can often be so easy to switch things around and gets kids interested in reading! Books can be everyone's thing, with a few simple daily practices. Here are 5 tips to transform reluctant readers into passionate page turners:

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1. Make books available. It sounds like a no brainer, right? But it's easy to think books belong on a bookshelf and that's it. Really, books belong anywhere that your child is! High traffic areas or places where your kiddo will be sitting and not running amuck are all prime book spots. Having books in a rack in the bathroom, a few in the backseat of the car, a basket at the breakfast table, near their bed, and in common areas of the home such as the living room increases the chances of that the books will be picked up and checked out just for being so present in other activities.

2. Make it special. Books offer not only a great learning tool and hobby for your kids, but also ample opportunities to create memories that both you and your child will cherish for years to come. Read to your child, or with them if they can read on their own (yes - even older kids who can independently read still get amazing benefits from being read to!) Create a special reading space, like a cozy book nook sheet tent on a rainy day, or a special reading routine like Saturdays at the local library.

3. Make it interactive. Take turns reading different character dialogue. Ask questions and

infographic depicting 5 tips for reluctant readers to help them learn to enjoy reading.

help your child try to predict what happens next or chat about their thoughts after the book is finished. Expand on the story to engage your kiddo and build their critical thinking and comprehension skills. Find reading material that allows more interaction. My son loves Shine-a-Light books at bedtime because he gets to use his own flashlight to find the hidden images in the pages, and I enjoy reading Lift-the-Flap books to him because it's always like a little surprise to see what's hiding underneath 😊 Even better is finding a book that prompts interaction by giving instructions in the text and dialogue that the reader must do to further the story - these are really good for preschool aged children, my personal favorite is I Say Ooh, You Say Ahh.

4. Lead by example. Parents are like superheroes to little ones, and children are the most absorbent sponges. If you want your child to read more and love it, let them see YOU reading more and loving it! Keep your own books in your areas of frequent downtime and when your children come to you with a question, see if you can find the answer in a book to share with them.

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5. Reward their reading! What's more effective than a little positive reinforcement? In my home, my son is allowed to stay up a little extra past his bedtime if we haven't finished the books he's picked out or if he requests one more story (this works well for older kids, too! They love to be night owls 😉). Provide encouragement and praise when you catch them reading on their own without being told to. Do fun challenges or reading charts to let them earn prizes - or more books! - for reading certain amounts.

Making these tips a regular part of your family routine will create a lifelong reader in your child. Experts recommend a bookshelf refresh each time a child's clothing and shoes have to be sized up (because that means their brain has grown, too!) so it's important to always try to bring new books into the home on a regular basis. To help you get started in implementing some of these tips, grab a copy of my premade reading chart to set some goals and let your child earn some reading rewards!

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