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Less is More - Your 2022 Holiday Guide

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Maybe it was COVID, maybe it was people's priorities changing. Either way, there was a big push for minimalism in the last few years. Decluttering was all the rage (I definitely fell into a spiral for a bit myself) and honestly it can truly be a nice feeling to slough off the old stuff and make a more calm and organized environment. My brain always feels calmer when my physical surroundings are calmer, so this was a key part of my mental health growth over the last couple of years. The only problem, for me anyways, is that I don't consistently keep up with it so clutter returns. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays happen and result in gifts and more things. Combine that with inflation, people leaving toxic jobs for ones that make them happier even if it's less pay, and the ongoing battle of just being paid a livable wage and gift time can quickly become a major anxiety trigger. So how do you make sure the holidays are as stress-free as possible while still memorable and meaningful?


Everyone loves a homemade gift, especially holiday

treats! Take a family recipe and put a batch into a cute holiday container. Voila! Holiday tins and boxes are always available at a Dollar Tree store, so it's not only an easy homemade gift that won't cause clutter but it's also very affordable.

Another idea I've always loved is a hot cocoa kit. I've seen these premade with different flavors, but they would also be fairly easy to make yourself with a mason jar, the ingredients, and an index card to write on.


Paying for a time frame on a membership is a great gift! A few on my list for myself are Audible and Kindle memberships so I can get easy and fast access to all my books and podcasts.

  • Gift Kindle (If you purchase the Kindle + Kindle Unlimited membership as a gift, both you and the gift recipient will receive the free Kindle Unlimited offer. Your membership will begin once your order has been successfully placed. Upon your gift recipient registering their Kindle they will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their free Kindle Unlimited. After the free trial period, the Kindle Unlimited membership will auto-renew for $9.99 per month. Cancel anytime.)

Subscription boxes are huge right now, too. People are really into getting monthly deliveries of whatever they're interested in and often share their unboxings on their social media. It's easy for collectors to add to their stash and often they can obtain things that aren't available individually.

But you can also get passes for local events and businesses - pay up front for passes to a kids' museum or art installation, get a season pass for a zoo or aquarium nearby, or even pay for a set of swimming lessons at the local gym! Gifting an experience versus a thing is on the rise in popularity and is a great way to reduce useless toys and teach children a different kind of appreciation that isn't focused on getting things. Read this article to get more ideas of experiences you could gift and then see what's available in your area!

Educational Sets

Specifically for children, I always feel that giving things is totally acceptable if it's fostering learning and helping to develop a skill. I love pairing a book (of course!) with an activity or item that will help bring the subject in the book to life. Here are some of my favorites:


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