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5 Ways to Win Valentine's Day

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

We all know how it goes. We fork over money for stuffies that never get touched again and candy that has our kids climbing the walls and us trying not to rip our hair out. Is that all Valentine’s Day is? This year, change it up and make the holiday about the experience versus the gifts. The most precious thing we can give our children is our time and attention, so here are 5 easy ideas to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year that will last a lot longer than a chocolate heart and another teddy bear:

  1. DIY Jewelry Box. These little paper mache boxes can be found pretty cheap at any craft store, and often can be found in shapes such as hearts. Grab a couple, along with a small paint set (if you don’t already have a stash on hand like I do even though we rarely ever paint anything 🤣) and some glitter, pom poms, flashy stickers, etc. Then get crafty and spend the afternoon DIY’ing the boxes to store your pretty trinkets in!

  2. Scavenger Hunt. Do this around your house by leaving little notes that guide your child through items and places. “look in our favorite snuggle spot”, “Find something pink”, etc. You could also do this with a prepared list outdoors or in a shopping center like a mall where there would be lots of things that could easily be expected to be found. The game itself will be a blast, but kick it up a notch with a special prize at the end like an ice cream sundae or frozen yogurt.

  3. Bake together. This one is super easy since most grocery stores will have themed boxed baking goods. Make some cookies or cupcakes that are pink and red with little heart sprinkles. Or even make basic chocolate chip cookies with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Involving kids in the kitchen is great for teaching practical skills and safety, and a sweet treat at the end is a plus 😉

  4. Make art. There are SO many different art ideas for all ages. When my son was under a year old, I used a small canvas, a large clear storage bag, and a few squirts of paint to create a mess free finger painting project and he loved it! A couple other fun options are salt painting, cut & glue construction paper, or positivity paper chains. See below for instructions for salt paintings and paper chains.

  5. Game night. Any game night is a great idea, but it's also super simple to adjust games to give them a Valentine's theme! Try Heart Candy Bingo with these printable cards and a bag of your ordinary conversation heart candies, or make it a game of chance with a pair of dice to put your candies on the line!

I can't wait to do a few of these with my son, and I'd love for you to share your Valentine experience with which activities you decided to try!

Salt Painting

You will need paper, glue, salt, water, food coloring, and a dropper or small paint brush. Draw your design on the paper with the glue and cover with salt. Then let your kiddo "paint" with the colored water. It's neat to watch the color drift and mix in the crystals and results in a pretty cool piece of art!

Paper Chains

You will need paper, scissors, and glue or a stapler. Cut the paper into strips, add a little more love by writing positive things about your child on each strip before gluing or stapling it to the chain.



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